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Shinko Super Alpha

Flexo Folder Gluer manufacturing has evolved as markets changed for over 50 years.
SHINKO has always been researching & developing on fixed-type FFG with new design idea that is not bound by industry concepts.
SHINKO continually pursues the small lot, labor saving and high accuracy, and we developed the state-of-the-art machine "SHINKO SUPER α" .


Machine specification 920 type 921 type 1122 type
Maximum machine speed (sheets/min.) 350 350300
Maximum sheet size (A box)(mm)880×2,000 880×2,1001,050×2,200
Minimum sheet size (A box)(mm)230×695230×695260×755
Gluer bridge minimum size(mm)330330360
Maximum sheet size (flat size)(mm)880×1,100880×1,1001,050×1,200
Minimum sheet size (flat size)(mm)230×600230×600260×600
Counter width (mm)1,4001,4001,500
Maximum print area (mm)820×1,900820×2,0001,020×2,100
Maximum printing plate length (mm)8808801,050
Glue flap width (mm)353535
Minimum box height (mm)505050
Required power (kw)approx.85approx.85approx.110
Approximate weight (kg)approx.45,000approx.50,000approx.71,000
Machine specification 1125 type 1227 type 1230 type
Maximum machine speed (sheets/min.) 300 250 250
Maximum sheet size (A box)(mm)1,050×2,500 1,210×2,7001,210×3,000
Minimum sheet size (A box)(mm)260×755290×875290×875
Gluer bridge minimum size(mm)360360360
Maximum sheet size (flat size)(mm)1,050×1,2001,210×1,7001,210×1,700
Minimum sheet size (flat size)(mm)260×600290×600290×600
Counter width (mm)1,5002,0002,000
Maximum print area (mm)1,020×2,4001,100×2,6001,100×2,900
Maximum printing plate length (mm)1,0501,2101,210
Glue flap width (mm)353535
Minimum box height (mm)505050
Required power (kw)approx.110approx.120approx.120
Approximate weight (kg)approx.74,000approx.82,000approx.90,000

Functions LIst

Unit name Specifications and Functions Standard equipment Optional equipment
Feeding Unit Roll less feeder 
Gate-shaped side jogger 
Auto return to “zero” position 
Test sheet running device 
Sheet jam detector 
Oblique sheet feeding sensor 
First sheet setting device 
Skip feed 
(Printing Unit)
Fixed type printer 
Chamber doctor blade system 
2 roll type 
Multiple colors 
Print from upper 
Motorized lateral adjustment of plate cylinder 
Plate cylinder auto return to “zero” position 
Automatic printing plate winding device 
Automatic ink supply cleaning device 
Ink flow monitoring buzzer 
Automatic ink touch device 
Ceramic anilox roll 
Ink bath teflon coating 
Teflon-coated ink supply area 
Equipped with 1 ink can 
Equipped with 2 ink scans 
Carrying Unit Carrying belt 
Carrying belt center suction 
Slotter Unit Double Slotter 
Double Creaser 
Large diameter crushing roll 
Large diameter creasing roll 
Automatic adjustment of the joint flap length 
Glue joint waste removing fan 
Die Cutting Unit cutting up or cutting downselectable
Pin type stripping system 
One-touch hand hole cutter 
Anvil polishing grinder type 
Forming Unit Forming roller 
Upper suction belt 
Glue roll 
Tube type glue pump 
One-touch glue pot attachment/detachment
(When glue cover is selected)
Double glue tank 
Resin forming bar  
Glue gun system 
Lower edge independent movement 
Electric gap adjustment of gluer top conveying roller 
Upper dust mill & fan 
Upper and lower dust mill & fan 
Left and right independent lower forming belt 
Automatic centering of resin forming bar 
Counting Unit Batch counter 
Upper and lower discharge belt 
Large fan for sheet holding
(electric wind direction adjustment)
CNC Main control system by touch panel 
Teaching function 
Uninterruptible power system 
Communication to the production control system 
Communication with various inspection devices 
Large display 

Features & Functions

Feeding Unit

Roll less feeder

Roll less feeder

Roll less feeder helps less sheet crushing and maintenance easily!Learn more

Gate-shaped side jogger

Gate-shaped side jogger

A large gate-shaped side jogger surely aligns sheet edge.

Test sheet running device

Test paper threader

After automatically accelerating the machine, only one sheet is fed.

Sheet jam detector

Sheet jam detector

Sheet jams cause machine damage. A sensor detects jams and automatically stops the machine.

Detection device for misaligned sheet feeding

A device that detects misalignment of paper

Detect misaligned sheet feeding and stop feeding.

First sheet setting device (option)

First batch device

After the lot change, a small stack of sheets is automatically fed to the feeder.

Printer (Printing Unit)

Fixed type printer

Plate cylinder elevation type

Unit fixed type, the plate cylinder raises and downs.
Each unit is connected by the carrying belt, the plate cylinder and ink roll can be raised about 100mm above the sheet pass line. The plate cylinder of the not-in-use printers can be raised for changing printing plate, or prepare for the next order, even while the machine is running. It shortens the setup time significantly, and reduces the work.

Chamber doctor blade system (Standard)

Chambered doctor blade system

The doctor chamber type is the standard specification. Shinko's unique shape of the chambered doctor blade system ensures sharp and high-quality print images. A 2-roll type for varnishing and solid printing is also available.

Multi-color printing

Multi-color printing

Depending on the combination of printing units, it is also possible to handle multiple colors from 1 color to 4 colors or more.

Anilox roll (selectable)

Anilox roll

Carrying Unit

Carrying belt system

Carrying belt system

High-strength timing belts hold the left and right edges of the sheet between the top and bottom to convey the sheet, so even if the sheet is warped, it can be stably conveyed.

Carrying belt center suction

Carrying belt Central suction belt

Since the sheet is sucked at the center of the carrying system, misalignment can be prevented.

Slotting Unit

Double Slotter

Double Slotter

By adopting Double Slottert, skip feed can also reduce the frequency of attachment and detachment of blades.

Double Creaser

Double Creaser

Creasing and crushing shafts with large diameter facilitate stable joint accuracy.

Creasing roll

Ruled line roll

Two types of creasing roll can be attached, it is possible to deal with splitting line on the sheets.

Die Cutting Unit

Soft type Die Cutter


The "soft cut" serrated blade is used for the die cutting, and the anvil is wrapped with urethane. This is effective for preventing scraps of air vents in fruits and vegetables boxes. It can be operated under high speed and mass-produce that is difficult for press die cutter. There is also substantial improvement in scatter of scraps.

Handhole one-touch mechanism

Handhole one-touch mounting mechanism

Wooden cutting dies are easily attached with rolls.

Pin Stripping


Inserted pin on the roll push the scraps downward and eject them.

Anvil polishing - grinder type (option)

Anvil polishing - grinder type

The asperity on the anvil roll that occurs in the production process is polished with a special roll to make it smooth.

Anvil polishing - cutting type (option)

Anvil polishing - cutting type

A special shaped blade cuts the anvil roll to make it uniform.

Forming Unit

Forming roller

Forming roller

Shinko's forming roller system has patented in seven major countries in the world, and it produce boxes with high joint accuracy.

Glue roll

Glue roll

Upper belt with suction

Upper belt with suction

Sheets are sucked with upper forming belt by suction fan, it enhances the convey performance.

Independent servo driven lower belt

Independent servo driven lower belt

Electric gap adjustment of lower edge

Lower edge clearance electric speed control

By moving only the lower edge independently, various settings can be adjusted according to the sheet types.

Glue gun system (option)

Glue gun system

Glue pot can be one-touch installed and removed.

Counting Unit

Batch counter

Batch counter

It counts for each bundled in a set quantity. It can accurately count the number of sheets.

Excellent conveyor (option)

Excellent conveyor

Sheets ejected from folding unit are conveyed to down stack part in backward of counter unit.
Then, sheets are ejected to proper way(operation side/drive side) for the next process.


Main control system

CNC Centralized control system

Equipped with dedicated flexo gluer software that has been developed and improved specially, enabling accurate work in a short setting time.

Teaching function

CNC Teaching function

Machine learns the each settings for sheets and products, so resetting for same order is unnecessary.

Large display (option)

CNC Large display

The large display shows machine status. (machine speed, set up time etc)

Network communication (option)

Send machine setting data to peripherals, and pass data with various management systems.

Visual Detection Device

Detection for printing, gluing, contamination, etc. (both sides)

Image inspection equipment

Simultaneous detection of both sides is possible. The inside can also be inspected, it is ideal for the food-related industry.

Device construction example

Device configuration example

Learn more