Visual Detection Device(both sides)

A-type box Visual Detection Device

Features of image equipment (both sides) for printing, gluing, contamination, etc.

This is a "double-sided inspection device" that can be additionally installed, enabling image inspection of the inside of cardboard boxes as well.

No-mask inspection method

Due to the DAC original inspection method, there is no uninspected area in the inspection section.

Newly developed defect circuit improves inspection accuracy.

Character-only, barcode-only, and periodic defect detection circuit improve inspection accuracy and prevent defect outflow.

Gallery for product traceability

Inspection history can be saved in the digital image filing device Gallery, and past inspection results can be viewed easily with images.

Yield is improved by the pattern automatic extraction function

By automatically cutting out the printing part and the texture part, normal inspection for the printing part, weak inspection for the texture part, and strong inspection for the bar code part are performed. It can stably inspect the printing defections.

Ultra-bright LED system (developed in-house)

In-house developed ultra-bright LED lighting with excellent contrast is used.

Uniform illuminance is achieved by matching the color temperature of each LEDI chip.

Easy operation reduces the burden on the operator.The inspection level can be selected from 5 patterns (from rank 1 to 5), and can be set according to the inspection accuracy request from the end user.

Product type switching by production control data communication

Product type data is automatically generated by CNC communication from the host. The type and paper size are automatically set, and in the case of repeat orders, automatic inspection is possible without any operation.

Examples of defect inspection

Adhesion of dirt

Adhesion of dirt

Blurry print

Blurry print

Missing print

Missing print

Oil stains

Oil stains

Device configuration example

Device configuration example

Inspection specification

Full inspection width (both front and back) 2200mm(2 cameras)
Inspection width per camera 1160mm
Min. resolution (width) 0.30mm(X)
Min. resolution (length) 0.30mm(Y)
Defects to be inspected Print misalignment, faintness, dust, dirt, etc.
Inspection method Full-color image processing method
Inspection interval※distance 1280mm or more※Interval between top of paper to top of paper to be inspected
Number of sheets processed Up to 250 sheets/min(Details depend on the printer specifications.)
Max sheet size 1280mm×2100mm(Vertical x horizontal)
Inspection screen

Inspection screen

Inspection device function

Number of defect image filings 500,000 images
Data of the product type Automatic (By production control data communication, product types are created automatically.)
Palletizer section defect display application (option) It is also possible to display the defect sheet from the number of batches (number of stacks) by receiving data from the host (management device).
PDF digital plate inspection system
A plate inspection is performed by comparing the design (plate) data, which is the master, with the printout.

Configuration example

Camera unit 4096-bit 3-line color line sensor camera, simple dust-proof structure, with board cooler
Lighting unit Simple dustproof structure
Ccontroller Simple dust-proof structure, with panel cooler, 17-inch TFT monitor, UPS
Lighting power unit Built in camera unit
Inkjet printer A4 color inkjet printer (installed inside the controller)

Equipment general specifications

Power supply Single-phase AC200V 10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 4.5KVA
Air purge none
Ambient temperature 5~50°C
Operating humidity 20~80%(No condensation)

This specification is subject to change without notice