Philosophy & Quality

Business Philosophy

  • Pursue the happiness of all employees and their families
  • Secure proper profits and grow permanently and survive
  • Provide the latest technology and services with ideas and creativity in pursuit of customer pleasure and satisfaction

Quality policy

  • Pursue the joy and satisfaction of our customers, and provide the latest technology and services with ideas and creativity.
  • We contribute to society by solving various problems through manufacturing.
  • We will comply with the quality management system with the ultimate goal of providing high quality products to our customers.
  • We will thoroughly promote the three basic activities of the manufacturing industry: sorting, setting in order, and cleaning, and will provide services that satisfy our customers.

Quality assurance

Acquisition contents ISO 9001
Registration authority Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Registration number JQA-QMA16518
Registration range Design, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of corrugated cardboard manufacturing machinery