Roll less feeder is the new world standard!

Features of Roll-less Feeder

Roll less Feeder

Removing the feed roll has made it possible to produce sheets with unprecedented high quality and precision.
The Roll-less feeder has the advantages of a simple structure that reduces or consumables, and requires almost no regular maintenance and replacement.
It can be reduced the parts cost and running cost.
At the current stage, there is no sheet with a quality that exceeds this, and we can deliver the strength and thickness to the user "as it is laminated".
This is the original and desired form, and we believe that it has the potential to become a global standard as well as domestically.

  • No feed roll
    In conventional feeders, the feed roll was responsible for sheet feeding. And the lead edge was the initial infeed of the sheet to the feed rolls.
    "Roll-less feeder" can feed even large sheets by only the lead edge without slippage.
    Since there is no feed roll, sheets are no longer crushed when feeding.
    In addition, the wear of the feed roll itself and the wear of many bearings used in the upper and lower tables were also factors that caused misalignment and bending.
    However "Roll-less feeder" resolves these problems.
  • Simple structure with only a suction box and rollers
    Compared to the conventional lead edge type, the number of parts is extremely small, and maintenance frequency and costs are greatly reduced.
  • Patent registered in Japan, USA, China and Taiwan
    Shinko's unique technology "Roll-less feeder" has been patented in Japan, the United States, China, and Taiwan.

Introducing the "Roll less feeder" on YouTube