Box-making machines and printing machines - Shinko High Printer (FP-1216 / 1220)

Shinko High Printer (FP-1216 / 1220)

The corrugated cardboard industry has diversified.
In order to meet these severe needs, Shinko has further developed our flexo printers.
The machine prints from the bottom while the sheets are transferred at the die cutter's pass line at over 2,000 mm from the floor.
A new flexo printer born in response to the needs of the next generation.
That is "Shinko High Printer FP series".


Machine specification FP-1216 FP-1220
Maximum sheet size(mm)1,200×1,6001,200×2,000
Minimum sheet size(mm)400×600400×600
Printable dimensions(mm)1,150×1,6001,150×2,000
Maximum speed(sheets/min.)250250

Functions List

Unit name Specifications and Functions Standard equipment Optional equipment
Feeding Unit Roll less feeder 
Large side jogger 
Automatic mechanical
return-to-origin device
Test paper threader 
Sheet jam detector 
Oblique paper feed sensor 
First batch device 
Skip feed 
(Printing Unit)
Plate cylinder moves up & down
(Fixed type printer)
Chambered doctor blade system 
2 roll type 
Multiple colors. 
Printing from bottom 
Plate cylinder lateral motorized adjuster 
Plate cylinder automatic origin return device 
Electric film winding device 
Automatic ink supply cleaning device 
Out of ink warning device 
Automatic ink touch device 
Ceramic anilox roll 
Ink bath teflon coating 
Teflon coating around the ink can 
Equipped with 1 can of ink 
Equipped with 2 cans of ink 
Carrying Unit Suction type carrying belt 
CNC Centralized control system with touch panel 
Teaching function 
Uninterruptible power system 
Communication to the production control system 
Communication with external devices(superαも?) 
Large display 

Features and Functions

Feeding Unit

Roll less feeder

Roll less feeder

Roll less feeder helps less sheet crushing and maintenance easily!Learn more

Gate-shaped side jogger

Gate-shaped side jogger

A large gate-shaped side jogger surely aligns sheet edge.

Test sheet running device

Test paper threader

After automatically accelerating the machine, only one sheet is fed.

Sheet jam detector

Sheet jam detector

Sheet jams cause machine damage. A sensor detects jams and automatically stops the machine.

Detection device for misaligned sheet feeding

A device that detects misalignment of paper

Detect misaligned sheet feeding and stop feeding.

Printer (Printing Unit)

Plate cylinder moves up & down (Fixed type printer)

Plate cylinder elevation type

Unit fixed type, the plate cylinder raises and downs.
Each unit is connected by the carrying belt, the plate cylinder and ink roll can be downed about 100mm from the sheet pass line. The plate cylinder of the not-in-use printers can be downed for changing printing plate, or prepare for the next order, even while the machine is running. It shortens the setup time significantly, and reduces the work.

Chambered doctor blade system (Standard specification)

Chambered doctor blade system

The doctor chamber type is the standard specification. Shinko's unique shape of the chambered doctor blade system ensures sharp and high-quality print images. A 2-roll type for varnishing and solid printing is also available.

Multi-color printing

Multi-color printing

Depending on the combination of printing units, it is also possible to handle multiple colors from 1 color to 4 colors or more.

Carrying Unit

Carrying Suction Belt

Carrying Suction Belt

Left & right and center belt are suction type. Sheets are conveyed while sucked with upper belt. Bottom Belt prevents sheets from falling.


Main control system

CNC Centralized control system

Equipped with dedicated flexo gluer software that has been developed and improved independently, enabling accurate work in a short setting time.

Teaching function

CNC Teaching function

It is possible to let the machine learn the unique settings for each sheet and product to save the trouble of resetting when ordering repeat orders.

Large display (option)

CNC Large display

The large display shows machine status. (machine speed, set up time etc)

Network communication (option)

Send machine setting data to peripherals, and pass data with various management systems.